Homeopathic medicine/Homeopathy is based on the theory that symptoms of an illness are a reaction of the human body to a disorder. Symptoms are therefore an expression of the human body and are needed in its efforts to recover and rebalance. Homeopathy, unlike allopathic medicine (conventional medicine) does not try to get rid of these symptoms, nor does it suppress them in order for them to subside. Homeopathy, primarily, helps by reinforcing the development of our body’s symptoms in order for it to quickly find its balance and therefore its health.

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Put succinctly, homeopathic therapy is an aid in our body’s efforts to restore its health. 

Homeopathic medicine is effective when our body has only the smallest amount of defense left or when it simply needs more. There is then a possibility of self-healing with the help of the energy that is contained in the homeopathic remedy. 

In maladies such as asthma, allergies, topical dermatitis, psoriasis, anxiety and depression, where conventional medicine offers temporary relief, homeopathy can help for much longer periods of time or even forever.

Homeopathic therapy can be applied to everyone of all ages and for all maladies. It does not, however, cover illnesses that require surgical operations but it does provide our body with support to better respond to surgery and treatment, as well as helping with recovery later. In special circumstances it can contribute to the avoidance of the procedure.