"Through observation, cognition and experience I found that, contrary to the old allopathy, the true, correct, best cure is to be found in the maxim: In order to cure gently, rapidly, certainly and permanently in each case of disease, choose a medicine which can, of itself, arouse a similar suffering to the one it is supposed to cure."

Samuel Hahnemann


1) Can I start homeopathic treatment without consulting my doctor?

Homeopathic medicine treats our body as a whole and, unlike conventional medicine it does not treat according to illness and diagnosis.

In order for homeopathic treatment to be effective a doctor will need the patient’s medical history including illnesses, his/her preferences and habits as well as the patient’s current psychological state. Only with all this information and with the experience and knowledge of a homeopathic doctor can the correct and effective treatment be determined. 

Homeopathic treatment, over a long period of time, can enable the patient to gain knowledge and understanding of his/her own body and in some cases the patient will be able to recognize which homeopathic remedy is needed. 

WARNING: Each treatment is personal and cannot be given or transferred to another patient. Every body is unique and differs from others through various reactions, habits and preferences.

2) Where can I find homeopathic medicine?

    Homeopathic medicine can be found in any pharmacy that is advertised as a homeopathic pharmacy. Pharmacies are obviously preferred as the staff is trained in homeopathic treatment.

    3) Can I take 2 or 3 homeopathic medicines at once?

    It is best to wait after each dose (15-30 minutes) to feel its effect. If you have already noticed positive results, taking another medicine may cancel it out. However, it is not harmful or dangerous.

    4) What happens if I take the wrong medicine?

    Nothing will happen.  It won’t help you, nor will it harm you.

    5) What sort of reaction should I expect after taking homeopathic medicine? 

    -When you take the right medicine the illness and/or symptoms will retreat.

    -If you do not see immediate results if could be due to the fact that the dosage or strength of the medicine was incorrect. If symptoms get worse you do not need to worry and should wait 1-2 days because it could mean that the medicine is in fact effective and the symptoms will soon subside or you will be cured. (This will not be the case in severe illnesses that cause fever, vomiting, diarrhea etc. In these cases you should wait for 1 hour and if you do not see improvement then you should contact your doctor.)

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