"Through observation, cognition and experience I found that, contrary to the old allopathy, the true, correct, best cure is to be found in the maxim: In order to cure gently, rapidly, certainly and permanently in each case of disease, choose a medicine which can, of itself, arouse a similar suffering to the one it is supposed to cure."

Samuel Hahnemann


There are many couples that wish to have children but have difficulties. In cases where no physical cause is detected and problems are the result of stress, anxiety or other psychological issues, homeopathy is recommended. Such treatment can reduce stress and balance body and soul, resulting in greater success of conception.

During pregnancy many women suffer from nausea, minor bleeding, spasms/cramps and urinary tract infections. Doctors always recommend minimal pharmaceutical treatment in order to protect the fetus. Homeopathic medicine is given freely during pregnancy for medical reasons and not simply because they are not harmful. 

Homeopathic medicine easily treats infections (including fungal) during pregnancy. Furthermore, homeopathy helps with nausea as it stabilizes our body’s electrolytes when fluids have been lost due to vomiting. Pain during pregnancy along with cramps and migraines are also easily treated. 

Homeopathic medicines are based on energy and do not contain any chemical substances as found in conventional medicines. In addition, they are not metabolized by the body and therefore do not strain our liver, kidneys or the fetus.

Unlike chemical based medicine, homeopathic medicine balances the mother’s bodily energy, lifting the level of her health (and therefore the health of the fetus as well) in order for the mother to calmly go through a natural labor.

In cases involving complications at birth, homeopathic medicine can help immediately, as well as afterwards, proving helpful in dealing effectively with the situation. With conventional medicine, mothers are often advised or are made to stop breast feeding. With homeopathic medicine, however, mothers can breast feed freely.

Newborns receive the therapy through their mother. If a mother is breastfeeding whilst taking homeopathic medicine, it is passed on to her child through her milk.

It is important to note that although homeopathic medicine provides solutions to many problems during pregnancy it is in no way a replacement for frequent visits to the mother’s gynecologist or for any tests the mother’s doctor sees as necessary. A good combination of a homeopathic doctor and a gynecologist will achieve the best results.




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