"Through observation, cognition and experience I found that, contrary to the old allopathy, the true, correct, best cure is to be found in the maxim: In order to cure gently, rapidly, certainly and permanently in each case of disease, choose a medicine which can, of itself, arouse a similar suffering to the one it is supposed to cure."

Samuel Hahnemann

Sick-womanWhen we get sick due to a cold, there are several ways to be treated.

Some people go immediately to their doctor and get the necessary treatment. Others wait a few days and their cold clears up on its own, but in some people the symptoms get worse and lead to more severe treatments later. 

Nobody can foresee from the beginning how  a cold can develop. If they belong to the category of people who cannot risk waiting for their organism’s reaction, such as cancer or heart disease patients, then they clearly have to start their treatment immediately. 

Others know from previous experience that they can end up in a worse situation regarding their health condition by waiting, and begin a treatment much earlier to prevent an unfavorable situation.

Most of us wait in case the symptoms go away on their own.

The issue in all these situations is the defense of our body. If we have a good defense, then our organism manages directly to revert to full health. If this defense is missing, then our body suffers while trying to cope with viruses and infections.

Homeopathy treatment gives the body energy to organize and activate the immune system, resulting in the successful treatment of infections or other viral conditions. Thus, our body learns to defend itself again, and not to wait each time the help of antibiotics or other medicines. Consequently, all patients who were highly susceptible to infections (because of a zero immune system from chemotherapies or other diseases) manage to have a good support and not to get sick heavily or very easily. 

Another advantage of homeopathic remedies is their innocence towards our organism: they have no side effects and do not harm any vital organso they can be used by pregnant women and young children. I would like, however, to point out that the advice of a homeopath is necessary, because each patient needs his own medicine. Even if it regards the same viral infection, each person needs his own energy to recover from his illness.

Last but not leastthere are various ways to deal with a cold and everyone chooses what is best for him. Nothing is considered incorrectunless the patient ignores the doctor and chooses his own treatment. Without the advice of a specialist, self-care measures can endanger our health numerous times and the effects are not always reversible.

Suzan Klain

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