"Through observation, cognition and experience I found that, contrary to the old allopathy, the true, correct, best cure is to be found in the maxim: In order to cure gently, rapidly, certainly and permanently in each case of disease, choose a medicine which can, of itself, arouse a similar suffering to the one it is supposed to cure."

Samuel Hahnemann

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Homeopathic medicine plays an important role in treating children. Children usually become ill with a high fever that worries parents. It is good to know that the human body, in its nature, has a very important weapon to deal with illnesses- a defense mechanism. 

Defense is a whole mechanism inside our bodies. For example, in cases involving a fever our body naturally produces a large number of protective “guardian” cells that travel through our blood to where the microorganisms have entered our body and are attacking us. A high temperature helps in the increased production of these protective cells. In addition, our heart rate is also increased in order for these cells to reach the attacking microorganisms faster. Finally, our body temperature rises in order to kill foreign germs and viruses that cannot survive in temperatures above 36.6 degrees. 

Knowing how important a fever is to our defense, we can understand how important it is to not fight it with various medications but to let it work and help us. 

Homeopathic treatment gives our body energy, helping to strengthen our own defenses and thereby aiding our body with the “war” against any microorganisms in order for our illness or pain to subside faster. It is also important because it helps our body remember how it defended itself, so that we won’t need to take medication over and over again in the future.

When a fever or temperature is decreased through the use of antibiotics we are only temporarily helping ourselves. We are not teaching our body to defend itself and it will always rely on external help. Without a fever and the memory of how to defend itself our body cannot properly recover because it does not have the weapons or the technique.

Only homeopathy can give our body the strength to defend itself and to raise our temperature, if needed, if our body cannot do so on its own. This way our body slowly learns how to defend itself and in many cases we might not even realize when a germ has entered our system because it quickly disappears. 

Children have particularly pure body systems that have not undergone numerous treatments and have not been subjected to harmful or toxic substances. Homeopathy especially helps children because their body learns very early on how to defend itself without the need to administer antibiotics or cortisone based medication that can have many side-effects. 

Homeopathic medicine is a natural therapy for our children. 

It helps strengthen their defense mechanism.

Suzan Klain

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