mathisiakes dyskolies 1A lot of children face difficulty in sitting calm to study or in staying concentrated while studying. The voices of their parents or teachers do not help in most cases.

Here comes homeopathy to give a solution. There are homeopathic remedies that provide the body with energy to maintain its mental balance and be concentrated on its main goal.

When children e.g. have studied hard to be prepared for the final exams, their brain often appears to suffer from exhaustion, which can lead to inability to remember even the simplest piece of information. Homeopathic energies then give them the possibility to continue their studying having the required performance, and to be able to remember. This happens thus with all concentration difficulties, not only with national exams.

 Many children do not present the performance they deserve, for they have incredible exam stress, which can cause not only a poor performance but also physical problems. The child that is given a homeopathic treatment is balanced mentally and physically, without getting stressed, and therefore the child has the highest possible school performance.

Another problem regarding studying is child’s mood. Several children lack of interest or get bored studying.

In this case also, homeopathy can bring improvement. Homeopathic remedies have an effect based on the energy, they are not substances, and depending on the reason why your child does not study, he/she will gain again his/her interest with the right energy. The prerequisite is the child to be a bit willing to speak to the homeopathic doctor, because each treatment is personalized and is given according to each one's shortages. Therefore, the history of the child in necessary, in order for the right energy to be given and at the proper dosage.

Homeopathy also helps hyperactive children (Asperger syndrome), autistic children, and children with low intelligence or with special needs.